Diaper Changing Pad

Diaper Changing Pad

As an on-the-go type of Mom, I needed something that made me feel safe to change my baby in public restrooms.  I have always felt uneasy about changing my son on those changing shelves, but this little gift was the solution!

A friend’s mom actually made one for me when I was expecting.  I used mine so much that I decided to start making them for other friend’s who were expecting.  They are so good to use on the go!  Just roll them up and throw them in your bag.  What’s also great about them is how easy it is to clean them!  Unlike the vinyl pads that you get in stores, you can throw mine in the wash with the rest of your laundry.

This project takes a little more time than the wrap, but it’s worth it!

You will need:

2 pieces of fabric each 1/2 yard

1 piece of lining at 1/2 yard (you can choose how thick you want it)



velcro (sew on)

Here’s how you make them:

1. Cut a 3 x 15″ piece of each fabric (not the lining).  Pin right sides together and sew, leaving one of the smaller ends open.  Flip inside out and press with iron.  Set aside.

2. Hem one side of each of the fabrics (not the lining) preferably one of the smaller ends.  Pin the right sides together (making sure the hem sides are together).

3. Before sewing, pin the lining to one of the fabrics.  Trim if necessary.

4. Take your small piece your sewed earlier and tuck in between the two fabrics.  Pin the opening to one side and at the top of the pad.  It’s important to tuck it in, so when you flip your fabrics inside out it will be in place.

5. Sew all the way around, leaving a fist size opening on the hemmed side.

6. Flip inside out and press with iron.  Hem the opening (you can press with iron to make it easier) and sew shut.

7. Fold your pad in half and roll it up.  Take your extra piece (that you tucked in) and wrap it around the pad.  Mark where the edges meet.  Cut a piece of Velcro and sew at each mark.

Your finished product should look similar to the picture!  Remember, it’s important to pin the extra piece of fabric to one side or the other of the pad.


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