Hi, My name is Elizabeth, and I’m a couponer…

Yes, yes, I am one of those people.  The kind of shoppers that lugs in the bulky binder and stand in the middle of the aisle calculating and recalculating.  What is the point of “wasting my time, ” you ask?  Let me explain…

The extreme couponing phenomenon started a few years ago.  Before the all too famous reality show started to air each week, there were newspaper ads, social groups, and word of mouth excitedly proclaiming couponing is the way to go.  I never caught on until later.  I didn’t want to spend those hours clipping and comparing prices each week.  My Sundays were for church and relaxation.

Now I am right in the middle of the coupon craze complete with my share of paper cuts, and they are well worth it.  As I kept delving into the realm of clipping and paying with savings, I realized that by spending a few hours a week, I can save tons of money!  I am not what you would call  “extreme,” buying anything that has a coupon, but  I do take my trusty binder anytime I walk into a store.

Each Sunday I go through the paper and pull out the coupon circulars.  I also grab the local grocery stores and national drugstore chain circulars.  I first go through the coupons and see if there are any that I can use.  One I’ve made a nice little stash, I go through the circulars and see where I can get the best deal.

I really like going to Walgreens for their sales and “Register Rewards.”  CVS and Rite Aid have a similar program.  These rewards are attached to certain products that are on sale.  You can use manufacturer coupons and store coupons with them so they will be a super deal!  For instance, I bought a Gillette men’s proglide razor on sale for $9.89.  I used a $4 coupon, bringing the price down to $5.89.  I recieved $5 in Register Rewards, to be used on another purchase, making my final price for the razor $.89!

Another way I like to save is at local grocery stores.  Kroger, Publix, Bi-Lo, etc all will double (and sometimes triple) coupons up to $.50.  So if you can potentially get receive free stuff for charity!  Just the other day I bought Huggies baby wipes for free!  They were on sale for $.99 each, and I had a $.50 coupon that doubled to a $1!  Needless to say I stocked up.

When I get a great coupon, I always like to get more.  What I find most helpful are these clipping services.  You can order many of the same coupon for no more than a few cents each.  This way I don’t have to hound my friends and family for coupons or go digging in the recycle bins for them.

Now that I’ve peaked your interest, I hope you can see the benefit of couponing.  Even if you save just a few dollars a month, that still is a few dollars (and maybe a special treat)!  Little savings add up to bigger savings!


One thought on “Couponing

  1. Couponing sounds great!!! Seems like you have saved tons with just a few hours that is amazing!!! I need to get into it!

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