Hi Friends,

First of all, let me start by shouting THANKS for checking out the new blog.  I started this blog so I can have a home for my creative thoughts and ideas.  Since I became a mom to Nick, I find myself making up stories and changing lyrics to songs so I can keep things fresh and new.  It’s gets really repetitive when you hear or sing the same tune over and over again.  (Fellow parents, you know what I mean.)

On one of the days when my brain was in “Super Mom” mode, I thought of (and quickly wrote down) a short series of books titled, The Tale of the Tailess Cat.  The inspiration from these books came from my one and only American short hair (and tailess), Melody.  She’s been with me for 7 years now, and in those years she has seen a lot of changes.  These books reflect her most interesting adventures.

Other blogs I will post will contain things I have made.  As an amateur self-taught seamstress, I like to make different things for family and friends.   Some of my projects have been burp cloths, diaper changing pads, mother’s nursing wrap, and blankets.  I hope my posts can help others with their creativity.



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